Dynamic rowing machine


The world’s first fully integrated rowing machine that brings the sensation of rowing onto dry land. With its innovative float and roll system combined with dual resistance fans, the rowing machine behaves as if it’s on water and responds to all the many

inputs and actions that rowers would normally impart. A much better training aid for rowers and a vastly superior work out for those just looking to exercise at home or in the gym.



Float Rower was founded by Anthony Hamilton who has a proven record in sports training development, in particular with motor racing. Anthony develops systematic approaches to physical activity preparation, leading to greater success and confidence building.

Sliding, floating & rolling


The innovative float and roll system brings the sensation of being on the water, to dry land. Built onto an elegant and strong chassis, the floating and rolling monorail, resistance mechanism and seat are able to put the rower inside a rowing racing boat, like those of Olympians! Not only will this bring the real rowing experience to dry land, but will also improve technical training and develop greater strength and core stability.

The innovative float
and roll system brings
the sensation of being
on the water, to dry land



Further reduces stress on the joints during workouts and the front and back of the monorail move up and down independently, creating movement during different phases of the stroke – similar to the ‘pitch’ found within a boat.



During the stroke, emphasis is now on maintaining balance or symmetry whilst controlling the drive and recovery phases of the stroke. Maintaining balance during a workout increases your utilisation of core muscles and mental awareness.


The Roll effect’s central axis is located in a similar position to that found within a boat whilst on the water. There is an option to include a Roll Dampener and Lock Out part in order to reduce or remove the roll effect - helping to accommodate users of all abilities or medical requirements.

User interface


With the Float Rower’s multi position display, you can view it to monitor your progress or flip it over for your coach to see… or even hide it away! Why waste all of your energy?  As you row, you also recharge the displays’ batteries so you can really utilise all of its amazing features and position the Float Rower anywhere.

Get connected and save, share and compare workouts… not just your own, but of other’s too – even elite athletes! If you prefer to row virtually anywhere, then load up a race course, river or lake from around the world.  

Standard screen


Roll tilt display, stroke rate, 500m split/power/calories, time and distance.

Advanced screen


Roll tilt display, stroke rate, 500m split/power/calories, time, distance and trajectory.

Independent left and right 500m split, power, stroke length, distance per stroke, catch timing and finish timings.

Dual fan resistance

Not only does the resistance mechanism float and roll, but it slides along the monorail to give you the sensation of rowing on the water. With its two fully independent resistance mechanisms, rowing technique can be developed simultaneously with your strength, fitness and endurance.

Your seating position and feet positions are just like those found in a rowing boat, so that all the work on land can be directly transferred more easily when rowing on the water.


Independent handles with pop out attachment to create a single joined handle, as with sweep rowing. ​Ability to move each handle up and down separately and record hand heights during the stroke.

As with sculling, the separate handles allow for a greater freedom of hand and arm movement during the stroke which also allows the user, should they wish, to finish the stroke in a position more similar to that of sculling.


Sprung sliding seat.
Absorbs movement from the stroke.
Maintains rower’s momentum from the stroke.
Allows for the small movements of the seat as found during the stroke in a boat.


Connect up multiple units physically and/or electronically. 

Row as a crew by connecting the float, roll and resistance parts together with the optional attachments whilst connecting the displays wirelessly to view your whole crew’s performance and even the performance of your ‘boat’.

Compete in online leagues, championships and even race others from around the world, live.

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