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international awards 

A’ Design Award & Competition is the worlds’ largest and most diverse international design awards, with over 5641 participants from 208 countries and 758 Winners. Entries were carefully

evaluated by an international jury panel composed of established scholars, prominent press members, creative design professionals and experienced entrepreneurs.


Purelab Chorus is the first modular water purification system designed to fit individual laboratory needs and space. It delivers all grades of purified water, providing a scalable, flexible, customized solution. Modular elements can be distributed throughout the laboratory or connected to each other in a unique tower format, minimizing the system’s footprint. Haptic controls

offer highly controllable dispense flow rates, whilst a halo of light indicates Chorus’ status. New technology makes Chorus the most advanced system available, reducing environmental impact and running costs.


GE’s modular ship control system is designed to fit both large and lightweight vessels, providing intuitive control and clear visual feedback. New positioning technology, engine control systems and monitoring devices enable ships to be manoeuvred accurately in confined spaces whilst reducing stress on the operator as complex manual controls are replaced with new

touch screen technology. An adjustable screen reduces reflections and optimizes ergonomics. All consoles have integrated grab handles for use in rough sea.

Chorus wins multiple awards
International award
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