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LA transform ideas

into products that

people want to use


Research & Innovation

We identify solutions for new products and services that offer clear advantages to your users and strengthen your market position. We create and test propositions through design-led research that rationalise, differentiate and future proof your offerings.

Industrial design

Industrial design defines what we do, see or touch. It enable people to engage with and enjoy technology and adds considerable value to business.

Engineering design

Engineering should be a creative, informed, objective, quantifiable discipline that enables a ‘vision’ to work successfully in the real world.

User experience

The LA approach is to identify what experiences people actually want and then translate these into successful, workable, commercial solutions. The term UX has to some extent been hijacked for use in the ‘digital world’ but we apply our knowledge and experience to all aspects of the design process, be it digital, physical or emotional to understand and satisfy unfulfilled user needs.

Interface design

The way people use products and services needs constant attention and refinement as technology evolves and cultural and environmental factors change. We are in the business of simplifying complexity. The transition from tactile to digital control has resulted in exciting opportunities but needs to be brand supportive and a fulfilling experience.

Brand identity

Your brand is what other people think about you. It's your reputation. Developing a brand through product design is an essential and cost effective way to clearly communicate who you are and where you are going. This can be augmented by a well-managed range identity programme that engages customers through consistent user experiences.


& prototyping

Models and prototypes remain a vital part of the design process. Whether they embody a mechanical function or simply represent the size, shape or weight of a developing design, the desire is to instil confidence, to prove theory, reduce uncertainty and control risks.



With new generation, industry leading software, authoring becomes an affordable, concurrent activity. Our in-house design tools combine the best graphic design and illustration techniques with a raft of class leading software solutions, allowing us to produce powerful communication material.

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