Risk reduction through

innovative thinking


Engineering should be a creative, informed, objective, quantifiable discipline that enables a ‘vision’ to work successfully in the real world.

We have wide-ranging experience in both high and low volume manufacturing techniques including complex assemblies and innovative materials

Concept creation


We utilise creative engineering design during the conceptual phase of a project to test feasibility, explore materials and processes, optimise product architecture and in some situations begin the process of structural and mechanical analysis. We also ensure that value engineering is locked into the product concept. In addition, we ensure that all elements of a products life cycle are considered at an early stage.

Detailed design development


With a wealth of engineering knowledge and experience our dedicated engineering team use the latest CAD software, including Creo, Pro/ENGINEER and SolidWorks. Complex parts and assemblies are modelled, prototyped, tested and developed to ensure that original design intent and product specification criteria are met.

With comprehensive, up to date knowledge of materials and the latest prototyping and manufacturing techniques we ensure products are developed using appropriate design for manufacture and assembly methodologies (DFMA) and specialise in providing a fast turnaround to get products into production with minimal delay.

If required, we can also undertake FEA and FMEA studies during this period to support risk reduction and ensure success. Depending on your requirements and resources we can also produce piece part/assembly drawings and documentation for the entire BOM, complying with your procedures or utilising LA tried and tested systems.

Product implementation


We have wide-ranging experience in both high and low volume manufacturing techniques including complex assemblies and innovative materials. We liaise with manufacturers throughout the design process to ensure process related compatibility and inspect and report on sampling during pre-production, through to product sign off. We have strong links with toolmakers and manufacturers, both in UK/Europe and the Far East and can make recommendations, assist in supplier selection or work with your preferred partners to ensure a successful outcome.

Industrial Design
Modelmaking & Prototyping
User Experience

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