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Grow your company by

generating innovation

through design


We identify solutions for new products and services that offer clear advantages to your users and strengthen your market position. We create and test propositions through design-led research that rationalise, differentiate and futureproof your offerings.

We utilise design skills and design methods to formulate both ‘big ideas’ and ‘high value’ improvements



We have developed powerful research tools to expose and communicate new opportunities for our clients. Information is sourced through an internal knowledge broker network which delivers multi-faceted research whilst ethnography is explored through careful questioning, observation and recording. Along with other important indicators, we study improvisations and behaviours and involve the many ‘stakeholders’ who may influence the success and validity of a new product or service.


Real innovation is created from many influences, so by understanding your market dynamics and combining it with parallel market insights and trends, we make game changing discoveries.

Idea generation & analysis


The conversion of research into tangible product and service directions requires creative collaborations and experienced directional management. We utilise design skills and design methods to formulate both ‘big ideas’ and ‘high value’ improvements.

Group intelligence can reduce risk by taking into account diverse individual opinions balanced with collective insights. We also organise and facilitate ‘group genius’ workshops with our clients to foster ‘collective energy’ and accelerate innovation. The ideas generated are assessed and weighted, using techniques such as; joint requirements analysis, rank voting and disruptive value measurements to create a hierarchy of opportunity.



New, robust, product and service recommendations are clearly presented in the form of visualisations that link together connected strategies and also demonstrate context and the detailed rationale for innovation.

Modelling & testing


We utilise a rapid application method from our normal design process to translate ideas into proof models showing possible user scenarios. This output can take many forms including video but all are targeted and highly effective for overcoming the ‘imagination barrier’ and obtaining good quality research results. Negative reactions can also help to define necessary change or save substantial wasted future investment.



Having utilised both analytical and creative techniques to unearth, convey and validate new business opportunities, and prototyped ideas to test their value, we can create the ‘Smart Brief’ to document and describe the design criteria necessary to embark on your New Product Development Programme with a high level of uncertainty removed.

Industrial Design
Engineering Design
User Experience
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