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We've been

thinking differently

for over 40 years


LA is one of the UK’s most respected and successful industrial design and product development consultancies. Having won ten DBA Design Effectiveness Awards we continue to develop our services in line with rapidly changing requirements and deliver brand led solutions that connect technology and business with people.

Collectively, we have over
300 years' experience in the
design and development
of successful products

Industrial design, insight research

We connect multiple disciplines seamlessly


To manage ideas, to crystallise them and move them from the barely tangible to a final product that is effective, tested, profitable, durable, human, sustainable and inspiring requires many contributors and experience. We happily sit in the centre of this gritty constellation, allowing our clients and their technologies the room to develop appropriate solutions that connect with the people that will use them.

industrial design, design thinking

We innovate

as a team


As an enthusiastic flexible group of trained industrial designers, engineers and specialists, we collaborate easily together and work with our clients to create real solutions. This is effective and prevents an exclusive, rigid ‘over the fence’ approach to product development.

industrial design, production
industrial design, product development, engineering

Over 90% of the products we
design go into production


Whether you need production quantities of 10 per year or 1 million, as tiny parts or large structures, we demonstrate vast experience of manufacturing techniques to suit.

We've been doing

this for decades


LA Design, formally London Associates, can trace foundation roots and its user-centred design values back to 1960, where consultants London and Upjohn created and promoted iconic design, nearly 60 years ago.

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