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Design Foundations funding 2017

Design Foundations is a new £3 million pound grant-funding programme from Innovate UK aimed at helping companies to identify high-value innovation opportunities and generate better propositions for new products, services and business models.

The funding supports companies exploring future possibilities in collaboration with a design team; bringing new tools and approaches to the plate. It offers up to 70% funding of projects up to £100,000 for any UK company, irrespective of scale or maturity, operating in any sector. There are three rounds of funding during 2017, round 1 applications begin on January 16.

LA Design promote early stage design activities as a way of ensuring market appropriate products and services – leading to award winning, commercially successful solutions. This scheme enables companies to recoup much of our involvement costs and we are happy to advise on both strategy and competition applications. The quality of your selected partner reflects on the grants awarded. 

high-value innovation opportunities and generate better propositions

Chorus wins multiple awards
International award
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