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Rugged flaw detection


Sonatest Prisma is a portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector designed for non-invasive material testing in the most extreme environments. It is the first detector to incorporate advanced real-time imaging and 3D scanning representation, making flaw

interpretation much easier and reducing technician time on site. With unique multiple inspection modes, Prisma enables a single product to cover all testing applications, from oil pipelines and infrastructures to aerospace components.

The first detector to incorporate advanced real time imaging and 3D scanning representation

Both waterproof (IP66) and highly shock resistant, Prisma is designed and built to exacting standards using a rigid, shock mounted internal chassis surrounded by an impact absorbing enclosure. The external yellow band increases visibility, defines the physical architecture of the product, containing the major connectors, D-rings and retractable handle and helps to visually simplify the front of the unit.

An intuitive menu system is driven by a click-wheel for fast parameter selection




The front of the product is dedicated to ergonomic controls and a GUI designed around the technician’s workflow.

An intuitive menu system is driven by a click-wheel for fast parameter selection, with one hand.

The other hand is free to hold the probe for inspecting.

All removable covers are designed to be accessed without tools by gloved users.



Aluminium extruded chassis absorbs ambient heat and transfers this directly to the external heat sink.

Internal air mover dissipates heat throughout the enclosure.

Covered external heat sink assisted by IP66 externally replaceable fan unit.


Integrally moulded main enclosure seal.

Removable closure for floating connector.

Flexible over-moulding seals around the heatsink.

Silicone seals provide good tolerance for hinged doors.


A highly engineered internal structure provides the strength and is protected from impact by the shock absorbing over-moulding.

Self retracting handle avoids accidental stress.

Robust hinge blocks further protected by soft over-moulding.

Anti-Vibration mounts protect the entire PCB assembly from shock. The over-moulded seal allows the whole assembly and heat sink to ‘float’ in space.



Highly engineered skeleton beneath the over-mould provides a robust structure and reduces weight.

Firm ratchet system for stand gives excellent action and protects moulded structure from stress.

One piece rugged rear assembly with integral seal vastly reduces build time.

Ultrasonic probe
Multi function touch screen
Ultrasonic probe
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