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LA win their 10th DBA

Design Effectiveness Award

The final solution was based on a theme that associates furniture with the sophisticated electronics and software that sits behind it. The new compact laminate material has been used extensively. The system is designed to work on different levels of engagement, from the initial impression when assessing a large control room system, down to the closer, smaller human interactions that occur when approaching and operating an individual workstation. 

The much thinner worktop is designed to visually float on end panels which are intended to act as iconic and 'solid' supports to give a feeling of permanence and quality. The two parts are deliberately separated by metallic tubes and the area is lit by blue LEDs which reflect around the tube surfaces. There is additional blue edge lighting in the end panels and the overall effect, especially in a low ambient lighting control room, is to turn passive furniture into a more active and purposeful system. The forward angling of various design details is also intended to promote a more dynamic image. 

The choice of colours and 
finishes was contemporary 
but also selected to work in any environment 

Chorus wins multiple awards
International award
Waving the flag