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award success

The awards season has started very well for LA with three major international design awards announced over a three week period.

Firstly, the A’Design Award and competition which aims to highlight the excellence of best designs, design concepts and design orientated products worldwide. Honouring the best designers, architects, engineers, design studios and design orientated companies; the competition has a very well

developed methodology, using rigorous evaluation criteria.

Two LA products have been selected from literally thousands of worldwide submissions – a platinum award for Sonatest’s Prisma ultrasonic flaw detector and a gold award for Stoneridge Electronics OPTIMO touchscreen tachograph calibrator. This represents selection in the top 1% and 3% of products entered and a significant success story for LA design.


year: In addition to those who have previously served as red dot jury members, the panel is constantly host to new experts, who enrich the decision-making process with their expertise.

LA design has had an enviable success rate over the years and collected numerous design and industry awards for both consumer and industrial products. This has included nine DBA Design Effectiveness Awards, including a coveted overall Grand Prix award in a competition where product design represents a small percentage of the possible entry categories.

Sonatest’s Prisma has also been awarded a prestigious 2013 red dot award which can now sit alongside the LA 2011 award for ELGA’s Purelab flex, a product that has since received universal critical acclaim and success.

The red dot design awards are based on the principles of fairness and independence. In order to guarantee its high reputation, jury members are selected to carry out their task in a neutral and unbiased manner. The jury makes up the heart of the competition and comprises renowned experts on a panel that alternates every

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